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Revolution is here.

Long called for, way overdue, finally here. For fashion, textiles and non-wovens.



Long called for, way overdue, finally here. For fashion, textiles and non-wovens.


We are SeFF Fibre.

Let’s take a guess – you’re here because you want to know exactly what we do. In a nutshell? We develop and produce cottonised SeFF Hemp. But that’s not quite the whole story. Actually, it’s far from it. You see what we do, is driven by grave ecological problems – out on the catwalk, and on the shelves of stores in multiple industries.

Apparel, textiles, non-wovens – man made fibres and cotton – they’re water and chemical-thirsty, their manufacturing is seriously energy intensive. We think that there’s a better way. Actually, we don’t like to boast, but we know that there’s a better way.

Change is on the horizon. And we’re already ahead of the curve.

Future fibres

You see, SeFF is created through cutting-edge processes that unleash the strength, versatility and multi-market desirability of Hemp as a material – wispy-soft, wholly-durable and environmentally-friendly.

Alongside companies such as ABB, we’ve created and developed a patented, planet-loving technology to fully and finally realise the potential of bast fibres such as hemp. Now, our ‘where next’ is moving to market – introducing a truly disruptive technology that will go far beyond the usual low value markets hemp fibres are currently used for, and instead be able to impact the fashion, industrial, textile, energy, medical, agricultural and composite material industries too.

Making waves

Founded in the UK in 2017, SeFF is making a name for itself – one influenced by our rich heritage and pretty talented team. Together, we’ve been processing natural fibres for four generations – passing our knowledge onwards and always moving with the times. Our leadership has owned, operated and successfully sold manufacturing facilities around the world.

By being strategy-smart, partner-savvy and freethinking when it comes to the technologies we employ, we’re growing, quickly. From field to finished product we’re spinning a new yarn with a history that entwines every aspect of bast fibres.

Ready to move forward with us? We’re hedging our bets on nothing less than a textile revolution. Let’s face it, it’s so sorely required and yet so drastically unrealised.