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Meet SeFF

The solution to a fast, thirsty fashion, textiles and non-woven production.


Meet SeFF

The solution to a fast, thirsty fashion, textiles and non-woven production.


Like cotton, but better

Soft, fine fibres of hemp – for fashion and textiles, it feels just like cotton, and is worked with just like cotton. For non-woven products, production becomes ten-times more versatile. And for every industry, SeFF offers incredible green credentials.

Hemp – it’s sustainable & environmentally-friendly. So surely it’s manufacturing should be too, right?

Here’s how it goes…

Hemp fibres arrive at our door in big, bulky bundles of fibres that are stuck together, steadfastly, with natural glue (pectin and lignin). At this stage, the fibres feel thick, coarse and, in all honesty, pretty horrid. In this bundled (awful) form, there’s no way that these fibres would be suitable for use Home in high value markets – they’d simply be unworkable for processes such as spinning and weaving.

Then, in steps our patented High Voltage Pulsed Electrical Discharge technology – with only a little energy and recycled water, HVPED helps us untangle these tough, bundled hemp fibres, leading to a load of individual fibres, which feel lovely, fine and soft to the touch – ready for the world of higher value markets.






A friend to other fibres

SeFF welcomes other fibres with open arms – blending and mixing effortlessly with natural and synthetic fibres alike. This allows you to boost your environmental credentials, and to chop, change and enhance specific performance characteristics.

Supply-chain ready-to-roll

Spin, knit, weave – the softness and fineness of hemp makes it ready for any supply chain – it fits right in, zero to minimal investment. Just what you want to hear.

35% stronger in non-wovens compared to other fibres

Convinced? You’d be in good company…

More and more businesses are turning to hemp for sustainable, long term strategic direction. It is bolstering growth and revenue, while driving down risk. Quite incredible, really, for a single, lovely leafy plant.

Take the average retail apparel brand – they’re boosting their environmental credentials by simply adding SeFF into their line-up – adding business value, improving product performance, all whilst being environmentally friendly.

All-round performer

And when we talk about product performance, how’s this for you – a pair of jeans could be made more breathable, wick more moisture, be shrink resistant and every bit as soft as the denim that consumers know and love. The increase in absorbency also translates to savings on the bottom line, as it laps up any dye levelled at it.

Light as a feather

As for non-woven applications? Well that’d be a proven, no questions asked, 35% boost in strength as compared to relatively strong looking fibres like flax. We’ve even created 100% biodegradable SeFF Hemp nonwoven products as low as 30gsm.

Step over our threshold – a natural home for hemp

We create SeFF right in the heart of Belgium – hemp’s natural habitat. Here, we access the best and brightest minds in the industry – craftsmen and women who form the latest line of generations to pass on their experience and knowledge on hemp production.

Discover how SeFF’s changing the world, for the beautiful better, one product at a time.